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 Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:29 am

1. No god modding. At all.

2. No power playing. At all.

3. No killing another person's character without permission.

4. Blood, gore, and death is allowed. Be sure to ask first to make sure that everyone is okay with it.

5. Cussing is allowed.

6. Nothing 'adult'. Skip over that or take it to PM.

7. Give a character description before participating in a rp.

8. No text talking in a role-play. Or out of it. Use proper grammar please.

9. If you would like to RP one on one, make sure you tell who you'd like to one on one with and make it for just the two of you.

10. Don't double post unless you're bumping your thread which has gone inactive for a certain amount of time.

11. Rule number 10 is only nullified if you are posting a story in the story writing area with a chapter a post.

12. No one-liners, since the RP doesn't go anywhere with them. 4-5 sentences at least. At most 7. Or more.

13. When speaking out of character, use OOC, ((  )), {  }, [  ], or - -.

14. Have fun!

The rules will be updated if any admin feels they need to be.
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Roleplay Rules
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