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 gutta kechum all

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PostSubject: gutta kechum all   Sat Jun 18, 2016 7:43 am

Ass Ketchup was the best trainer in the PelletTown. His mother, Buttwipe, was very proud of him, but was scared of the day she knew her child would leave her. She was a lonely woman, her husband ditched her, and now her son, cri.
Ass knew this, and planned to never see the bitch again. On the day he turned 10, he ran away to get his first pokemon, leaving his mother in tears. RIP Buttwipe. Ass went to professor Fuck and got his first pokemon, a bitchasaur. He was so happy he cried. Professor Fuck stabbed him multiple times in the chest because he was a stupid ass pussy shit. Yay. Ass dragged himself out the lab and began his pokemon adventure. He imprisoned millions of pokemon and shoved them into a stupid PC. They never saw daylight again. No one ever corrected the child, they didn't care about the creatures in this world. He often abused his pokemon. One day, he was murdering a pikachu when he was arrested, rip.

(Dear Arceus, please stop me.)
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PostSubject: Re: gutta kechum all   Thu May 18, 2017 7:08 am

(Ace, why-)
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gutta kechum all
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